Quizlet: Share Link with Students

After you create a study set on Quizlet (from scratch or from a copy), you can post a link to your set on Schoology in order to share it with students. Follow these directions to get the link, then view the various ways you can post that link to Schoology:

  1. While logged into Quizlet, click on the study set you would like to share with students.
  2. Underneath the flashcards, click the Share icon (see below).
  3. Click Copy Link to copy the generated link to the set. (If you are a Remind user, you can share the set directly with students on their phones!)
  4. To post the link to Schoology as an External Link, follow the directions here. If you would like to add this set as a link in an Assignment, click on the link icon below the description box or click Insert Media: Link to embed the link in your description.
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