Quizlet: Copy and Edit a Public Study Set

Instead of creating every study set from nothing, consider searching for your vocabulary list in the public study sets, copying the list and then editing any errors. This is especially useful if your study set comes from a published textbook.

To search, copy and edit a public study set, follow these directions:

  1. While logged into Quizlet, search for a set by the vocabulary list title, e.g. vistas chapter 2 verbos.
  2. Click to view only study sets, then click through the set previews to find a set that best fits your needs. You may need to refine your search if you're not seeing a set you like. When you find a set you can use, click the Study button to open the set.
  3. Click the Save and edit icon underneath the flashcard set.
  4. You will be brought to the editing screen. Make any edits you see fit, then click Create to save the set to your own page. To share with students, follow the directions here.
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