View Grades, Assignment Comments, and Attendance (on Web Browser)

PowerSchool is the official student information system for grades and attendance. Go to and log in with your username and password.

To View Grades and Assignment Comments

  1. On the main Grades and Attendance page, click on the course grade under the S1 column for semester 1 or the S2 column for semester 2 to view the detailed list of graded assignments. 
    T1/2 = term grades (all but final exam)
    E1/2 = final exam grades
    S1/2 = all grades (this is the grade that will show on report cards and transcripts)

  2. If the teacher has made a comment on an assignment, there will be a speech bubble icon Screen_Shot_2022-11-07_at_4.19.37_PM.png. Click View to read the teacher's comment to the student.

To View Attendance

  1. On the main Grades and Attendance page, the blue numbers indicate the number of absences and tardies the students have for each class.
  2. Click on the number to view details of the absence or tardy.
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