Blooket: Import Quizlet Set

One of the best features of Blooket is the ability to import already-made sets from Quizlet. This saves teachers time by allowing them to take premade sets or their own sets on Quizlet and immediately transform them into several games without starting from scratch. Follow the steps below to create Blooket sets from Quizlet sets.

Create a New Set on Blooket

  1. Log into Blooket with your Google account.
  2. On the main page in the upper left corner, click Create.
  3. Edit the title, picture and description of the Blooket set as you wish. When you are ready, select that the set is a Quizlet import, then click Create.
  4. Select whether you will add the set from your own Quizlet or from another set. When you click either, a new screen will open and load Quizlet. When you are ready, click Next Step.
    Note: If you already have Quizlet open, there is no need to select either Your Quizlet or Search Quizlet.

Export Quizlet Set

Blooket will populate directions on how to export a set from Quizlet into Blooket. Here are the directions for your convenience.

  1. Log into Quizlet with your Google account if you haven't already, then click on the set you would like to export.
  2. Scroll down underneath the flashcards but above the list of words to find the editing buttons for the set. Click the triple dot icon, then click Export.
  3. On the Export screen, leave the settings at Tab and New line. You may alphabetize if you would like. Otherwise, click Copy text.
  4. Paste the text into Blooket.

Complete Blooket Set

  1. Paste the exported Quizlet set into Blooket. When you paste, the information on the left will be transformed into multiple choice options, while the right will be the displayed question. If you wish to flip the information from Quizlet in Blooket, make sure to check the Flip questions and answers option. When you're ready, click Add Questions.
  2. The questions should now be imported! You can add more questions, adjust each question, etc. as you wish. When you are satisfied with your set, click Save Set on the left hand side.
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