Set up SmartBox via HDMI

Set up SmartBox with an HDMI Cable
Ensure that you have an HDMI port in your laptop. HDMI should play both visuals and sounds from one cable. Be aware that some high definition videos will not show up on the projector (videos from iTunes University, Netflix, etc).

To prepare the A/V of the LCD Projector:

  1. Plug HDMI cable into HDMI port inside SmartBox. 
  2. Plug the other end of the HDMI Cable (w/longer audio jack) into VGA port in laptop. If you need sound from your laptop, plug the audio cable into the audio jack in your laptop. (Image from 
  3. Press button On on right of SmartBox (pictured above). It will need some time to warm up before the light turns green.
  4. Press Laptop button on left of SmartBox (pictured above).


To prepare the audio for the LCD Projector:

  1. Turn speakers on from the Smartbox. Switch is located on outside of Smartbox on the lower left side. I=On, O=Off. Make sure VGA audio jacks are plugged into Smartbox and laptop.
  2. Adjust volume by pressing up and down arrows inside box.
  3. Adjust volume from computer (make sure volume is not muted).


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