Set up DVD Player

Set up SmartBox to play DVDs
Ensure that you have either a VGA port in your laptop OR that you have a Mac with a Mini Display Port.

To prepare the DVD player to play on the LCD Projector:

  1. On the DVD player, turn the power button on.
  2. Press projector on button (inside box, top panel). Press DVD/VCR on left. The projector light will warm-up and turn green when ready.

To prepare the audio for DVD player:

  1. Turn speakers on from the Smartbox. Switch is located on outside of Smartbox on the lower left side. I=On, O=Off. Make sure VGA audio jacks are plugged into Smartbox and laptop.
  2. Adjust volume by pressing up and down arrows inside box.
  3. Adjust volume from computer (make sure volume is not muted).


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