Gmail: Set Up the Official O'Dowd Email Signature

Set up your signature


  1. Use the embedded signature generator at the bottom of this page, or use it directly at this link.
  2. Fill out all relevant info.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Open the downloaded HTML file in your browser.
  5. Select all content (Ctrl or Cmd+A), then copy (Ctrl or Cmd+C) content to your clipboard.

Save your signature

Depending on your preferred email inbox, follow the directions below to save your signature in your settings.


Gmail Users:

1. Open your O'Dowd Gmail
2. Click settings icon in the top right (icon), then See All Settings.
3. Scroll down to Signature section, click Create New+, and name it.
4. Paste (Ctrl or Cmd+V) signature.
5. Modify or remove elements as needed. Review and adjust Signature Defaults.
6. Click Save at bottom of Settings screen.




Signature Generator

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