Request Facilities with rSchoolToday

O'Dowd has numerous facilities on campus that are available for faculty to reserve. To request a room:

  1. Log into Bishop O'Dowd's rSchoolToday.
  2. Enter in the name of your event.
  3. Select the date and time of your event. You can select multiple at a time.
  4. Click Select under Location and choose your Building. You can leave "Choose Location Type" blank.
  5. Click Show All Locations.
  6. Checkmark Select.
  7. Click Save & Continue.
  8. Click Select under Attendance and enter in the number of participants. Add the number to Attendance, NOT to Setup Notes.
  9. Click Save & Continue.
  10. Scroll down and Submit.
  11. Click OK in the window that pops up. Your request will appear Open until an administrator approves or denies your request.
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