How to Use Group Carpool


How it Works:

Group Carpool is a tool designed like an open, editable spreadsheet for drivers to be matched with riders. You can access the staff and student carpool list from the Faculty Page and the Student Portal, respectively.

A. Driver Expectations:

  1. Input their availabilities, spaces, and contact info.
  2. Delete carpool when full or no longer valid.
  3. Initiate communication with carpool group.

B. Rider Expectations:

  1. Claim a space based on what works for rider (1-way or roundtrip).
  2. Riders can waitlist for a spot.


Helpful Tips in Setting Up a Carpool:

  1. Privacy: Put down a public meeting spot if you don’t want to put your personal address. Entering your phone & email will make communication much easier!
  2. Recurring Trips: While this site works better with single events, recurring carpools can be arranged by making a note of the frequency in the notes section (ex: "Every T/TH", or "Graduation Only").
  3. Communication: Once the driver is ready, create a cell phone group chat to clarify routes/schedule/pickup and drop offs
  4. Share the Work: If this is a recurring carpool, consider how you might split the driving or the expenses


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