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The course description in the gradebook can be helpful for parents and students if you have specific course details that would make the interpretation of grade policies more clear (i.e. how your grade categories are weighted, grading or latework policies, etc). To add a course description: 

  1. Log into PowerTeacher Pro.
  2. Click the Settings icon Screen_Shot_2017-12-04_at_9.17.19_AM.png on the left.
  3. Click Class Descriptions
  4. Type in the description in the Class Descriptions box.
  5. Click Save.

You are welcome to use the text above as a sample for your course description:

Welcome to American Government.

The categories are weighted in the following manner:

Tests: 25%
Projects: 25%
Assignments: 25%
Participation: 25%

The final will affect 15% of the overall grade.

Contact: Email is the most effective way to contact me. I can be reached at

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