PowerTeacher Pro: Add Final Exam Grade To E1 Or E2 Term

As the end approaches, you need to ensure that your final exam scores are listed under the E1 or E2 category. This allows administrators and accreditors to compare final exam and term scores across the school.

S1 or S2= Semester grade (final exam + non-final exams)
T1 or T2= All grades without the final exam
E1 or E2= Final exam scores

To enter your final exams into the E1/E2 term:

  1. Open up PowerTeacher Pro.
  2. Click the Create button Screen_Shot_2017-12-04_at_11.55.41_AM.png, then Assignment to add an assignment in the PowerTeacher Pro gradebook.
  3. Fill in all applicable information (points, category, description, etc). Note: The final can be listed as ANY category -- what determines whether it becomes an E1/E2 assignment is the due date.

  4. Set the due date to fall during Finals Week (M-F) even if you give the final before these dates.
  5. Click Save and Close.

Note: If you use the Schoology-Powerschool gradebook sync, do the usual sync but ensure that the assignment date is set for Finals Week (M-F) as well.


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