Grading: Add Final Grade Comments

Teachers are required to add pre-packaged comments for students who receive a final course grade of D or F.  You must select 1-3 of the canned comments from the comment bank for these specific students. Make sure they are logical comments (e.g. "Pleasure to Teach" does not explain a D or F).

1.  Go to Grading, then Scoresheet.


2.  Make sure your grading term is set to either S1 or S2.


3.  Click on the grade of the student with the D or F, so that the grade calculator appears.


4.  Click on the comment icon at the top of the grade calculator to go to the comments view, and then click on Comment Bank.


5.  Use the scroll bar or filter box to search for and select comments to add, and click on the + symbol to add them.


Do this for each student with a D or F.

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