End of Semester To-Dos


Here is a checklist to help you keep track of what you need to do to close out the semester:

PowerTeacher Pro

___ Add a final exam to gradebook

___ Check that all assignments are listed in the correct term (T1/T2)

___ Exempt Assignments - Example: missing work due to student illness, personal circumstances etc. Scores for exempt assignments will not count towards final grades.

___ Recalculate Final Grades

___ Insert comments for D/F students**

___ Insert assignment icons for D/F students

___ Mark incomplete grades with an "I"

___ Submit final grades 

___ Request grade unlock to change stored grade (As needed)


___ Save course as "model course" (Optional)

___ Save course to My Resources


  ___ Set up Gmail vacation responder

  ___ Clean out fridge

**If you prefer to add the comments in bulk, watch this PowerSchool tutorial video.

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