Personal Account (Parent): Settings

Your Account Settings allow you to set different preferences for your personal interface and how your account relates to other users. To get to Account Settings, select the Arrow to the right of your name in the top right corner of the page. Account Settings allows you to:

  • Change your password
  • Customize how your Name is displayed on Schoology
  • Establish your Primary and Secondary Email address for notifications
  • Adjust your Timezone
  • Integrate with Google Docs
  • Access your Schoology Calendar from a different calendar tool (e.g. Outlook, Google, Calendar, etc.)
  • Merge different Schoology Accounts
  • Upload using a Flash or Basic Uploader


Account Info

Change your password


Depending on the way you log in, your login information will display either your Email or your School and Username information.

You can create a new password by following these steps:

  1. Select the arrow in the top right of the page next to your name.
  2. Click Account Settings in the dropdown.
  3. Click the Change Your Password link at the top of Account Settings.
  4. Type in your Current Password.
  5. Type in your New Password and confirm it (must be different than the Current one).
  6. Click Submit to complete.

Note: We recommend that you keep your password in a safe place and that you never divulge your account information to anyone. This precaution is especially important for users who sign in using a username, because they will not be able to retrieve a forgotten password via email.

Customize Your Display Name

You can change the name you display to other Schoology users through your Account Settings. Select the arrow on the top right of the page next to your name. The following is a list of what display names you can customize:

  1. Title—This refers to any prefix you’d want to include in your name (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, Dr., and Professor).
  2. First Name—This field should already include the name with which you signed up for Schoology.
  3. Middle Name—This field may already be filled, though it is not required.
  4. Last Name—This field should already include the name with which you signed up for Schoology.
  5. Username—This field is necessary for users who sign into Schoology using a Username. Users may sign up for Schoology with either a username or with an email address.

Primary and Secondary Email Addresses

Primary Email—This field lists the email address under which you are registered in Schoology. All designated Notifications will be sent to this email address.

Alternate Email—This field lists an optional, secondary email address. Notifications will also be sent to this email address.


If your Schoology account is not currently set to the correct Timezone, you can correct it by scrolling through the dropdown menu.

Once you have adjusted the settings, don’t forget to click Save Changes to complete.

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