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You may elect to receive email digests of your child(ren)'s activity in Schoology. To save email digest settings in your parent account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the downfacing arrow on the top right of your Schoology account.
  2. Select a child from the list that appears in the dropdown.
  3. Once you're viewing the child's account, click on the downfacing arrow again.
  4. Select the Notifications option in the dropdown menu.
  5. To receive emails, make sure your Email Summary is set to On.
  6. You may choose to receive emails on a Daily or Weekly basis. If you choose a Daily option, you may set a time at which the email notification will be sent to your inbox. If you choose a Weekly option, you'll have an additional option to select the day of the week you'd like to receive the email.

Note: If there are no updates for the given time period, you will receive an email stating that there are no new updates.



What will the email look like?

The email digest will include the following information:

  • The date range for which information is displayed
  • Each of your children's names at the top of the email summary
  • A summary of each course for the child, which includes:
    • Newly received grades
    • A summary of marked attendance (late, absent, excused)
  • Recent activity, which includes:
    • The student's posts and updates in courses, assignments, tests/quizzes, and discussions
    • Recent submissions for assignments and tests/quizzes

The digest will include up to five Summary items and up to ten Recent Activity items. To view more items than appears in the list, click on the More option at the bottom of each area. If you have more than one child association, you can view the Summary and Recent Activity for additional children by scrolling down the digest.

Parents can now receive automated email digests of all the activity and important information regarding their children's education. This way, they don't have to continually log into Schoology.

With the ability to customize when and how often they receive their email digest, Parents now have an even more streamlined way to stay informed and active in the education process. The digests can be customized in the notification settings of the Parent View. Check out this snapshot of what the parent digest can look like below:



The full digest includes:

  • A activity breakdown for each child
  • Course summaries complete with recent assignments and assessments, grades, attendance, and comments.
  • A snapshot of what's Upcoming
  • A look at the Recent Activity Feed

One great part is that if the parent wants more information, then they can click any of the blue links and go straight to what they want to know.


How do I make sure I receive emails?

To make sure you receive emails, check that your email address is verified to receive emails from Schoology.

  1. Click on the downfacing arrow on the top right of your Schoology account.
  2. Select your account from the list that appears in the dropdown.
  3. Once you're in your account, click on the downfacing arrow and select Account Settings.
  4. If you haven't yet verified your primary email address, you'll see an orange message to Resend verification email. Check the box next to the message and Save Changes.
  5. Once you receive the verification email, click on the link provided in the email to verify your email address.

Note: If you don't receive the email at the correct time of day, check the timezone associated with your account from your Account Settings. If you don't receive any email notifications on a daily or weekly basis after having completed these steps, you can create a ticket with the Support Team for assistance.


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