Switching to Another Child in Schoology

If you have more than one child added to your Schoology Parent Account, follow these quick instructions to toggle between them.


1.  Click on the drop-down menu next to your name, located at the top-right side of the Schoology screen.

2.  Click on your children.  They are separated by a comma.



3.  You should now be viewing Schoology as one of your children.  You can tell which one by the name shown at the top.  



4.  Click on your child's name to bring up a drop-down menu.

5.  Click on All Children.



6.  At this page, you can click on a child to switch to that child's view.  



7.  Now you are viewing this child's screen.



8.  To toggle back to another child, repeat Step 4 and then click on the child you want to view.



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