Recover PowerSchool Username (Parents)

If you have already created your PowerSchool Parent Account, but can't remember what information you used, follow this guide to recover your username.  To reset your password, click here. 

  1. Click on the Have Trouble Signing In link below the login screen.


  2. Depending on what you need assistance with, click on the tabs above.  If you forgot your password, click on the Forgot Password? tab.  If you forgot your username, click on the Forgot Username? tab.

  3. After you have clicked on the Forgot Username? tab, enter your email address and click on the Enter button.
  4. You will see this message.  Even though it says Forgot Password Email Sent, it's for the Forgot Username.  


  5. Check your email inbox for a message from PowerSchool.
  6. You should see an email in your inbox called PowerSchool Username Request.  Open that email to view your PowerSchool Parent Account username.


  7. Your PowerSchool Parent Account username is shown in the email, as well as a link to log back in to PowerSchool.  Click on the link to go back to the PowerSchool Parent Sign In page.


  8. At the PowerSchool Parent Sign In page, enter your account information to log in.
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