View Current Grades

How to View Current Grades:

  1. Log in to PowerSchool.

  2. PowerSchool opens to Grade and Attendance screen. Notice a Navigation Bar on the side of the screen.  Click on it to view the Grades and Attendance for your child.


  3. The Grades and Attendance screen is a chart of your student’s current grades and attendance records. The data is live and represents exactly what your student is earning now. Notice that column EXP is the class period, S1 is Semester 1, S2 is semester 2, and the Absences and Tardies columns are the number of instances by class. Attendance Totals appears in a separate chart at the bottom of the page.


  4. In the Grades and Attendance view, you can see grades for any individual assignments in any course, and a Final Grade. Simply click the blue letter Grade in S1 or S2.


  5. You will see the Class Score Detail, which includes the grades your child received on individual assignments.

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