View Current Grades and Assignments

The primary function of the Bishop O'Dowd Portal is to access student grades. The portal allows parents to see the overall letter grade and percent for each class, as well as every assignment's grade and comments. Parents can access all of their students easily with buttons at the top of the grade screen. To view grades:

  1. Log into the Bishop O'Dowd Portal.
  2. By default, the portal opens to the Grades screen. You will see your student's schedule with the teacher name along with the class' current letter grades and percentages (indicated by red box).
    If you have multiple students, you can tap or click on each one's name at the top center of the screen to view their grades.
  3. To view all assignments and teacher comments for a class, tap or click on the class name. This will expand the list of assignments with name, due date, any comments or flags, and the grade.
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