Create an account with MySchoolAccount (for student ID cards)

To create a parent account with MySchoolAccount, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to

  2. At the top of the screen, click on Create Account.


  3. Enter your information to create your account and click on Next when done.


  4. Type in a username and password in Step 2 to finish creating your parent account.


  5. When you get to Step 3, use the drop down menu to select Bishop O'Dowd High School as the School District.


  6. Checkmark the box to accept the terms of their user agreement and click on Next.


  7. Verify your information and press Finish to continue.


  8. You will see this screen.  Before you can use your MySchoolAccount account, you will need to verify your account.  


  9. Open a new tab or window and check your email inbox for an email from MySchoolAccount for instructions.


  10. Copy the Verification Code from your email.

  11. Go back to the Congratulations page in MySchoolAccount and press Continue.


  12. Log in to MySchoolAccount using the username and password you created.


  13. Paste or type in your Verification Code from the email into this screen and press Verify.


  14. If you pasted or typed in the correct Verification Code, you will be taken to the MySchoolAccount screen, where you can add your child to your account and deposit funds into their account.

  15. To add your child to your account, click on Manage Students.


  16. Click on the Add Student button to add your child to your MySchoolAccount account.


  17. Enter your child's 5-digit Student ID number in this field and click on Add.

    If you do not know your child's 5-digit Student ID number, please contact Joan Grell at for assistance.


  18. If you entered the correct ID number, you will see the window shown below.  Click on Close to be directed back to the MySchoolAccount page.


  19. From this screen, you can add money into your child's account.


  20. Click on Deposit Funds to add money to your child's account.


Questions regarding the MySchoolAccount service should be directed to

Further inquiries can be directed to Joan Grell at

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