Purchase Books Through Our Virtual Bookstore

Follow these instructions to purchase this semester's texts through our online bookstore partner, MBS Direct. You can also use the information from this site to create a shopping list if you would like to compare pricing. You may purchase textbooks either from MBS Direct or from any online retailer, such as Amazon.

1.  Go to and click the blue Let's Get Started button at the center of your screen.

2.  Ensure that the correct school year has been selected, then click the Department drop down menu. Select every department for which you need to purchase books. (As you click, the courses in each department will appear.)


3. Read through the courses and select each one from your schedule. Make sure that they are matches. Then click View Your Materials at the bottom right of the screen.


4.  Select which books you would like to purchase and if you would like to buy new, used, or rent. Add any selections to your cart.
Note: Some classes will have optional purchases, and some will not require any texts. Read carefully before purchasing.

5. Click Proceed to Checkout at the bottom right of your screen and follow the directions to purchase your texts.


MBS Direct customer contact center is open 24/7, ready to take your order or answer your questions. Call them at 1-800-325-3252 or email them at

Please visit the online bookstore for the O’Dowd’s customized return policy and customer service help.

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