Whitelist Emails from Bishop O'Dowd High School (Gmail Accounts)

As a parent, it is important to receive email communication from Bishop O'Dowd High School faculty and staff.  But sometimes, your email client (Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.) will mark emails sent from Bishop O'Dowd HS faculty and staff as spam, and you may never see them.

Follow these instructions to allow emails from Bishop O'Dowd HS faculty and staff to go to your inbox in your G-Mail account. If you use another email service, click here for further instructions.


Instructions for Gmail

1.  Log into your Gmail account.

2.  Go to SETTINGS in your Gmail account.



3.  In Settings, click on Filters.



4.  Click on Create a New Filter.



5.  In the From field, type : and then click on Create filter with this search>>.




6.  Check mark Never send it to Spam and also check mark the Also apply filter to...matching conversations option.  Click on Create filter.




7.  When your filter has been created, you will see this message appear.  


You will also see your filter in the filters list.



That's it!  You should now receive all emails from Bishop O'Dowd HS faculty and staff in your Gmail inbox.  

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