How to Create a Google Account (without needing to change your email address)

In order to participate in the Bishop O'Dowd High School Graduation Ticket Exchange, you will need to create a Google Account.  

Creating a Google Account does NOT require you to change your email address to a Gmail email address.  

You can continue to use your own current, non-gmail email address.

Follow these instructions to create a Google Account using your own email address.

 NOTE:  These instructions use a Yahoo! email account.  You  may see some different instructions if you use a different email (, for instance).


1.  Click on this link: Bishop O'Dowd High School Graduation Ticket Exchange


2.  Click on Sign In



3.  Click on Create an account.



4.  Click on I prefer to use my current email address.



5.  Complete the form using your current non-Gmail email address, like this one:



6.  When you're done filling out the rest of the required information, click on Next step.



7.  Verify your email address to finish the sign up process.




8.  When you  have successfully verified your account, you may be asked to create your public Google+ profile.  Click on No thanks.



9.  Click on this link to be taken back to the O'Dowd Graduation Ticket Exchange Group.


10.  Click on the button Join group to post.



If you have any questions about the group, or have technical issues, please contact


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