Other: Typing Math Symbols

Sometimes you will discover that typing math symbols is difficult.  There are a few tools in Schoology which allow you to do this more easily. 
If you just need a symbol (such as a division sign), you can click on the "Insert Special Character" (horseshoe icon) tool and pick your symbol.


If you need a simple exponent expression, you can select the "Superscript" (S with an exponent icon) tool.

If you're using exponents or fractions, the "Equation" choice would be better. 
Here's how you would type in the following with the equation editor:
Type this into the equation editor:  3x^2/4x^3

There are also categories of symbols you may need, as show in the following image:
So just play around with some symbols until you learn how to use the editor to display what you want.
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