Submitting Assignments - Write the document in OpenOffice and save it as a Word document

How to submit an openoffice document through schoology.

1.Save your file using the “File” menu then the “Save As” button in the upper left hand corner of the window.

2. When the window opens up, go to the bottom and in the box next to “File Name” type in the name of your file. Below that there is a dropdown box, which you click on and then select “Microsoft Word 6.0 (.doc)” and click save.

3. Now, go to the appropriate schoology assignment and click “Submit Assignment” in the rightmost box.

4. Now a popup will come up entitled “Upload”. You want to click on the “File” button in the popup.

5. All that’s left is to navigate to your saved document, click open, wait until it finishes uploading, and click submit.

Congratulations, you've successfully submitted an openoffice document through schoology!


Written by: Enzo Marrama, Class of 2015


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