Install the Student Printers (Windows)

Bishop O'Dowd uses a system called FollowMe-Printer, which allows you to print your document from a printer of your choice by logging into the system from the printer. This gives you the freedom to print and pick up your document at your convenience. Follow these steps to install the FollowMe-Printer on your Windows PC or view the video at the bottom of the page.

To install the student printers on Windows:

  1. Connect your computer to the O'Dowd Student Wifi network, then access File Explorer.
  2. In the File Explorer Address Bar, enter the IP address of the FollowMe-Printer exactly as shown below and hit Enter to search. Again, this must be done on campus while connected to the O’Dowd Student WiFi.



  3. Once you are connected, you will need to enter your credentials to authenticate to the FollowMe-Printer. Your credentials are based on the following criteria:
    username: "private\" + the first part of your Bishop O'Dowd email (everything before @)
    password: "BOD" + your student ID #
    For example, this is what a student named Bruce Wayne's username and password would be:
    username: private\bwayne26
    password: BOD12345
    Once you have entered your credentials, click OK.
  4. Once you are authenticated and connected successfully, you will see a list of campus printers. Double click “FollowMe-Printer”. This will install the printer and necessary driver. Follow any onscreen prompts.

If installation completes successfully, you will now have “FollowMe-Printer” as an available printer in your printer devices list.

If you have trouble with these steps, visit room 209 for assistance installing the printer.

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