Chrome: Install and Set Up Account (Mac)

Because O'Dowd utilizes numerous Google Apps, the best option would be to use the Google Chrome browser in most situations.

A. To download and run the Chrome installer:

  1. Click here, then select Download Chrome.
  2. Click on the installer from your Downloads folder or from the bottom left of the browser window, then wait for the installer to run.
  3. Drag the Chrome icon into the Applications folder.

B. To set up your Chrome account:

  1. Launch Chrome (accessible from your Applications folder, dock or desktop).
  2. If prompted, set Chrome as your default browser by clicking Use Chrome.
  3. Enter in your Bishop O'Dowd Google account and password.
  4. Click Link Data. This will allow you to save all of your Chrome settings no matter which computer you log into.

C. Check your work:

If you are logged in correctly, you will see a new bookmark folder called O'Dowd, and you will see your Google profile icon to the right of the URL bar. When you click on that icon, you will see your profile.


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