Bookmark Pages in Chrome (Windows)

Bookmarked pages help you quickly navigate to frequently used sites by allowing you to create shortcuts in the browser menu.

Pages to bookmark:
 Name  Page Website Description 
 O'Dowd School website
 Gmail O'Dowd Email
 Google Drive Back up and access your O'Dowd files
 Google Calendar O'Dowd and personal calendar
 PowerSchool Final grades, GPA
 Schoology Assignments, due dates, class updates
 Bio Ebook Bio book
 ES Ebook Environmental Science book
 Tech Support Contact for tech problems
 Membean English vocabulary practice
 Khan Academy Video lectures about anything

A. To create a bookmark:

1. Launch Chrome.

2. Click on the icon with three horizontal bars in the upper right, hover over Bookmarks then select Bookmarks Manager.

4. Click Organize then Add Pages.

5. Begin adding the listed pages by entering the name of the site and the web address.



B. To display bookmarks bar:

1. Click on the icon with three horizontal bar in the upper right

2. Hover over Bookmarks then click on Show Bookmarks Bar.


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