Calendly Overview is a tool that can help you seamlessly arrange meetings for events like parent-teacher conferences, interviews, office hours, etc. Below are some of the steps you may encounter while building and utilizing digital sign up sheets. Click on each link for more detail. Note: For those who feel comfortable with Calendly, pay attention to the bullet points within each category below, as these are requirements set by your administrators.

Create an account at If you have already created your account, log in with your O'Dowd Google account.

Create a sign up sheet

  • Use a standardized message in the description box: click here
  • Duration: "10 minutes"
  • Events start every: "15 minutes"
  • Set date range to Feb 8-11, 2016
  • Add/edit questions for invitees: "Your student name"

Edit a sign up sheet

Distribute a sign up sheet

  • Submit your final sign up hyperlink through a GoogleForm here by Friday, January 29th, 2015.

Cancel an existing appointment 

Add a time interval



If you are ready to begin creating your Calendly account, CLICK HERE.

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