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Calendly is an online service that allows you to create signup sheets for events like parent-teacher conferences, interviews, office hours, and much more. By designating your availability, colleagues, parents, or students will be able to pick a fitting time, and an event will automatically populate you and your attendee’s Google calendar.


  1. Go to
  2. Sign up using your O'Dowd Gmail account. A free account allows you to create one event type, but you can create unlimited events under this event type.

  3. Allow Calendly to view your email address, basic profile, Google calendar, and offline access. c.jpg
  4. Customize the name of your link. This will be the link that others will use to access your public signups. Then select your respective timezone, and click Next


  5. Optional: Watch the introduction video OR learn how to create a sign up sheet.
  6. Click on Go to Your Dashboard. This will show all default sign ups.  f.jpg
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