Distribute a sign up sheet

Now that you have created a sign up sheet, you will need to submit your Calendly event link to the Instructional Technologist. All the teacher links will be compiled, organized, and hosted on the Bishop O'Dowd Parent Portal website so that parents can click on the links to make appointments.

  1. Retrieve your link by going to
  2. Click on Event Types.
  3. Your sign up link will be listed in blue text below Calendly Link. Click on the gear button to the right and click Copy Link.
  4. Fill in your personal information and paste the link into this GoogleForm.
  5. This data will be collected and be made accessible to parents via the O'Dowd Parent Portal. Once parents sign up for a meeting, you will receive a confirmation email and your Google calendar will also automatically update.
  6. If you later decide that you want to cancel an appointment, click here for instructions.
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