Sheets: Organize data in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a tool that arranges, organizes, and presents data with built-in formulas, tables, charts, and graphs. A feature in Google Sheets allows you to organize data in alphabetical or numerical order. After a column has been ordered in a particular format, you can create an additional organization categories within the initial sorted group.

  1. Log into Google Drive and open a Google Sheets.


  2. Highlight all the columns you want sorted or click the empty box in the top left corner to select all fields.


  3. In the menu, select Data, and then click Sort Range.



  4. Designate the column with primary sorting. If you want to add a sub-category to sort, click Add Another Sort ColumnScreen_Shot_2015-08-25_at_1.22.17_PM.jpg


  5. Click on SortScreen_Shot_2015-08-25_at_1.25.16_PM.jpg
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