PTG: How to Change the Course Description

Changing the Course Description allows you to add information about your class, such as grading information, to PowerSchool.  This will show up on the Parent and Student PowerSchool individual course detailed screens. 

  1. Log into PowerTeacher and open Gradebook.
  2. In Gradebook, click on the Class Content tab.
  3. Make sure you are in the Class Info Mode.
  4. Click in the Description text box
    and begin typing.
  5. When finished, click on Save.
  6. To apply this description to other classes,
    highlight this text, and COPY, then PASTE to
    other classes.


NOTE: You cannot copy and paste from an external
source (Word) into this field. You must type your text.

Once your text is in Gradebook, then you can COPY
and PASTE to other classes. 

What the Parent and Student sees:


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