PTG: How to Create an Absent Score Code for Assignments

Creating a Score Code will allow you to add a code for Absent.

  1. Log into PowerTeacher and open Gradebook.

  2. From the Gradebook menu bar, choose Tools > Preferences.
    For Mac users, go to the menu bar and select Gradebook > Preferences.


  3. The Preferences dialog box appears. 

  4. Click the Score Codes tab.


  5. A list of current score codes may be displayed. Click Add to create a new score code to your Gradebook.
  6. Enter a value in the Code field.  The value should be entered as: ABS for Absent.  Be sure to use uppercase letters. 
  7. In the Description field, enter: Absent
  8. Be sure to unselect the Exempt checkbox so as to include this score in the final grade calculation.
  9. Since the score is not exempt, enter a value of ‘0’ (zero) in the Percent field. This value is the percentage to be used when calculating the final grade for the late assignment. (Keep in mind that the zero value currently assigned to this assessment is only temporary, and can be replaced with a mark once the assignment is turned in and can be assessed).
  10. For the Numeric Value field, select Maximum from the pop-up menu.


  11. Click OK to save your changes.
  12. The Score Code window will close and you will return to the Preferences window. Click OK to close the Preferences window and permanently save changes.

To assign a Score Code to an assessment in Gradebook:

  1. Manually
    1. Click on an entry location.
    2. Type ABS for the entry.
    3. Click Save.


  2. Score Inspector
    1. Click on Tools > Score Inspector.
    2. Or right-click in the grade box and select Show Score Inspector.
  3. Grades
  4. Right-click in the grade box and go to Grades then select ABS.

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