How to Export/Archive Course in Blackboard (Instructors)



Archiving a course creates a full record of the course, including student information such as grades and discussion contributions. It is useful for keeping track of student interactions should you need to access them again.  

Exporting a course exports the elements that you choose to export,such as documents and tests. It is useful for re-using the content (documents, links, etc.) of a course.


To transfer Blackboard content into Schoology, you will use the Export function.

1.  Under the Control Panel, on the bottom left side of the page, click on Packages and Utilities and then click on Export/Archive Course


2.  Click the Export Button.



3.  Choose whether to include copies of Content Collection linked items.  Under the section titled Select Course Materials, click on all the boxes that you want to include in the export process.



4.  Click Submit.


5.  The green bar at the top of the page will explain to you that once the export is ready, you will be notified by email.  Once your receive the email, you may then go back to the Export/Archive Course screen to click and download the Export .zip file.



6.  Save the .zip file to your computer.


7.  Now that you have the export file, you can import that file into Schoology.  


See Knowledge Base Article Importing from Blackboard for instructions on how to import your Blackboard course into Schoology.

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