Notifications (Instructors)


Schoology sends you an email when an update to a course or group has been posted, to help remind you of assignments, events, and content. But this can get annoying, and it's largely unnecessary because you see all these notifications when you log into Schoology anyway.  


Change the notifications that you get to cut down on the number of emails you get and help you manage your inbox.

1.  Log in to Schoology.

2.  Click on the arrow next to your name, and then click on Notifications.




3.  Use the drop down menus next to each item to set your notification preferences.




4.  When you are done, click on Save Changes.




5.  If successful, you should see this message at the top of your screen.




Note: E-mail and cell phone notifications differ from the Notifications Icon located on the top menu. The notifications listed under the icon are not customizable. They display information related to course materials and events in chronological order to keep you abreast of academic activity.

Note: You may also customize email notifications from the Notifications button in the top corner of each course and group.

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