Courses: Create a Page

Create a custom Page of text, images, videos, html, or any combination of these elements. Each page has a Rich-text (WYSIWYG) Editor that allows you to customize font styles, colors, indentations, etc. You can also upload files, embed videos, and customize the html of the page.

Creating Pages

To create a Page, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Add Materials dropdown menu and click Add Page.
  2. Construct the Page content.
    • Use the editor to write custom content.
    • Use the Insert buttons to embed images, videos, or equations into the editor.
    • You can toggle between Visual and HTML versions of the editor.
    • You can attach a File, Link, Audio/Video Recording, and/or Resource to the bottom of the page.
    • Click Align if you want to align the page with Common Core or State Standards.
  3. Click Create to complete.

Note: Pages can also be created within course folders, or added to folders after their creation.

Inline Pages

When you add a page from within a course folder, you may choose to display the page contents directly within the Folder by selecting Inline Text Block on the bottom left of the popup. The page will not appear in the Page index.

Deselecting Inline Text Block will display the title of the page as a hyperlink, and place the page in the Page index.


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