Import from Blackboard (Instructors)

Import from Blackboard to Resources



Schoology allows you to import Blackboard courses in Schoology Resources. To import a Blackboard course into your Schoology account, please follow these steps:


  1. Navigate to your Personal Resources by clicking on the Resources area on the top menu.


  2. Click on the down facing arrow in the left column.


  3. Select the option to Import a collection.

  4. Select the option to import a Blackboard export file.


  5. Select an option to import to new collection or an existing collection.

  6. If you're creating a new collection, give the collection a name.

  7. Click Next, and upload the file to Schoology.



  8. Click Import to complete.

  9. Your file will upload.  It may not appear in your Resources immediately.  To check on its upload progress, click on the down facing arrow next to your name at the top-right of the screen and click on Transfer History


  10. You should see your file located in the Transfers section of the Transfer History Tab.  
  11. Its status may show as Pending.

  12. When your file is finished, it will look like this.  You may need to refresh your page to see this.


  13. To view your import in Resources, navigate to Resources and your import file should show as a Collection.

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