Grading: Grade Scale Settings

Set a Default Grade Scale in your classes so that you do not need to manually select one each time you create an assignment. To set a default grade scale, follow these instructions:

1.  Select Gradebook in the left menu of the Course Profile.


2.  Select Grade Setup directly underneath Gradebook.


3.  In the Scales section in Grade Setup, click on the Star next to Numeric, to set the default grade scale as Numeric.


Note:  Use the Numeric Grade Scale for all graded items, so that students can view the number grade received, not the letter grade.

For example, this is what a student sees when Numeric is used:


This is what a student sees when another grade scale is used:


4.  Make sure that the O'Dowd Scale is set in the Final Grade Settings, then click on Save Changes.


5.  Repeat these steps for all of your classes. You can also copy your grade settings to other courses.

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