Use the YouTube app

Schoology has launched a YouTube resource app, which allows videos from YouTube to be embedded into course materials and resources (i.e., assignments, pages, discussions and tests/quizzes).

The benefit to embedding a YouTube video instead of linking it is that your students do not leave the Schoology environment.


To use the YouTube app, follow these instructions:


NOTE: You must have the YouTube app installed in your Schoology Resource Apps for this to work. If you do not have this done yet, click here for instructions.


Use the YouTube app to embed videos in Assignments, Pages, Discussions, and Tests/Quizzes.  


The following instructions show how to embed YouTube video in a Page.  

1.  In a course, click on Add Materials, then click on Add Page.



2.  Click on the Insert Content icon and then select YouTube.



3.  Type in the name of a YouTube video to search for it and click on the Search icon or press Enter or Return on your keyboard.



4.  Check mark the video you want to import.



5.  Click on the Import button and then click on Import as Embed.



6.  Your video will be embedded in your page and look like this.  Click on Create.



7.  Your page will show up in your Materials.  Click on it to view.



8.  Your page will show with the video embedded in it like this.  



BONUS!  This is what it looks like in an Assignment:



BONUS BONUS!! This is what it looks like in a Test/Quiz:



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