Sync Gradebooks in Schoology and PowerSchool

An updated feature in Schoology allows you to synchronize Schoology and Powerschool gradebooks by using a PowerSchool app to map Schoology assignment grades into the PowerTeacher gradebook. This is especially useful if your students take quizzes or tests via Schoology and grades automatically populate the Schoology gradebook and/or if you do not want to create duplicate assignments in PowerSchool and Schoology. Please note that different courses will need to be configured separately.


A. Set up your PowerSchool categories. Without this step, you will be unable to map to the proper category.

B. Configure Schoology Assignment Categories

Before you can sync individual assignments from Schoology to PowerSchool, grading categories within each system will need to be aligned.

  1. Select a course to set up and create grade categories in Schoology.

  2. Click on the PowerSchool app  in the sidebar on the left, and click Approve.


  3. Select Configuration in the menu bar.

  4. Link Schoology categories and PowerSchool categories.

    • Checkmark the box to Automatically shorten assignment titles.
    • Select categories you want to map from Schoology to PowerSchoool.
    • Click Save Changes.


B. Sync Grades

Synchronizing assignments will transfer grades from Schoology to PowerSchool. There are 2 places to do this: from the Schoology gradebook or from the PowerSchool App in Schoology.

  1. Select the Sync Status Log icon in the gradebook menu or Sync Grades from the PowerSchool App in Schoology.

  2. For each graded assignment, click Sync to connect Schoology assignments with the PowerSchool gradebook.

    • Click Sync whenever you update the gradebook in PowerSchool (i.e. inputting grades for late assignments).


    • Do not click Sync if you do not want the assignment to populate PowerSchool gradebook.
    • Please note that Schoology assignments must be mapped to a category in order to successfully sync with PowerSchool.

  1. Repeat category configuration and grade syncing for all courses.


C. Assign Custom Grade Weights

All Schoology grades will not have customized grade weights until Schoology assignments have been synced and grade weights have been set up in PowerSchool.



Q: In the PowerSchool app, I directed two of my Schoology categories into one of the four PowerSchool categories (HW, Test, Quiz, or Project). What should I do if I want to have different grade weights on those two Schoology categories?

A: Grade weights are applied in PowerSchool, so under the PowerSchool grade setup, you can individually apply grade weights to the categories you created in Schoology. Refer to Part C.


Q: What should I do if a student turns in an assignment late?

A: After updating the student’s grades in Schoology, click Sync in the “Grade Sync” tab to resync an assignment.


Q: What if I want an assignment to show up in Schoology as a calendar event, but not in the PowerSchool gradebook?

A: When creating the assignment in Schoology, select the Ungraded category in the dropdown menu. This will prevent the Schoology grades from being funneled into PowerSchool.


Q: If I click sync once, will my assignments and grades automatically update?

A: No, each time you update an assignment title, change/add/delete a grade, add a grade comment, or edit a category, you will need to Resync by clicking Sync in the PowerSchool App within Schoology.


Q: If I make changes in PowerSchool, will Schoology also update?

A: No. Grade syncing only works in one direction, from Schoology to PowerSchool. In the case that you choose to delete an assignment in Schoology, you will also need to delete the assignment in PowerSchool.


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