Add a Course Picture

Add an image for each course

Purpose:  To provide a simple visual for identifying courses.

1.  Navigate to a course. 

2.  Move your cursor over the gray image to the left of the course until you see an Edit Picture button appear.  Click on that. 




3.  A window will pop up with a Choose File button.  Click on that.




4.  Select a picture from your computer and click on Open.

5.  Schoology will upload your picture and you will see it applied to your course.  




Best Practice Ideas:

- Some teachers use their school photo for all of their course pictures, so that their students can more easily identify their course.

- Some teachers change the course picture regularly, to match the unit or theme being studied.  

- Some teachers use a different picture for each section they teach, to help them distinguish between all of their courses.

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