Membean: Add Students to a Class Manually

Follow these instructions to manually add students to a class in Membean.

Note: Usually students assign themselves to a class with an enrollment class code. This form is best suited to add or drop just a few students.

1.  Log into Membean by going to:




2.  At the Teacher Dashboard, click on Drop/Transfer.




3.  Search for a student by typing in their name.  As you type in more characters in the student's name, Membean will automatically display results.  Click on the Transfer In button next to the student you want moved into your class.




4.  Select which class you want the student transferred into and click on Change.  


5.  You will see a confirmation message if successful.  




6.  You will also see your class enrollment increase.  




Follow the instructions on this page to have students self-enroll into a class (the most common way):  Self-Enroll in a Membean Class (Students)

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