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There are many ways to download videos from YouTube or Vimeo or other sites, but my preferred method is to use a site called allows me to download some videos in HD format, which is great for showing on a large screen. also lets me download only the audio portion of a multimedia file, which is great for speeches (or songs).

Follow these simple instructions to download a video using

  1. Navigate to a video (such as on YouTube).


  2. Copy the URL or link to the video.  You'll need to select the URL and then right-click to bring up this menu, then left-click to copy.


  3. Navigate to  You can do this by opening a new tab or window, or simply clearing the existing URL and typing in and pressing enter.


  4. has a relatively simple layout, although there are some advertisements that may be tricky.  


  5. Ignore the large buttons and focus on the text bar and the download button immediately to the right of it.


  6. Paste the URL of the video into this text bar.


  7. Click on Download.


  8. You will see the following status message below:


    NOTE: You will need Java on your computer to use  To download the latest version of Java, please visit


  9. You may also be prompted to allow the KeepVidDownloader java applet to run.

  10. Check mark the box and click on Run.


  11. After the KeepVidDownload java applet has completed its job, you will see several download options for the video.

  12. Ignore the large buttons that you see and choose your download options.


  13. The recommended version and file size for videos is MP4 format and 720p.


  14. Click on the download version to download it.  

  15. When the download is complete, you can play it by launching it from your Downloads folder.


  16. It is recommended that you use VLC Media Player to play the downloaded video, but if you prefer another compatible player, that is fine, too.

If you require further assistance using, please contact Tech Support or visit the Tech Training Center

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