PTG: Mark Final Grade as "Incomplete"

If a student's grade is incomplete for any reason, teachers need to mark this student's final grade as "Incomplete" in the PowerSchool gradebook. Please communicate with the student's counselor if doing so. There are two parts in setting a final grade "incomplete" in PowerSchool:

A. Set a score as "Incomplete":

  1. Launch Gradebook. 
  2. From the Scoresheet Assignments view, right click on a student with an Incomplete grade.
  3. Select Show Score Inspector
  4. Check the Manual Override box. 
  5. Select "I" from the Grade dropdown menu. 

B. Select a pre-set comment as "Incomplete":

  1. From the Show Score Inspector window, click on the Comment tab. 
  2. Type a code in the search bar that correlates with the reason for incompletion such as:

    ASIncExm = Final Exam Incomplete
    RESrvHrs = Anawim Project Missing
    NMakeup = Major Assignment Requires Completion

  3. Click on the pre-set comment and Insert Selected.
  4. Click Close.
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