Forms: Creating a Digital Course Information Sheet

This article assumes that you already have the basic knowledge of how to use the Google Forms editing features.

Digital course information sheets are beneficial because it can help you collect:

  • a spreadsheet of student/parent contact information
  • digital signatures that demonstrate an understanding of course terms
  • information about student/parent needs and expectations

Before you begin, it will be helpful for you to have the details of your course (i.e. materials, textbooks, curriculum plan, student expectations, class policies, grading scale, grade weights, etc.). Here is an example of a digital course information sheet for you to reference.

  • Add sections for varying components of the syllabus (i.e. course details, signatures, additional questions for parents, etc). This will break down the amount of information the readers will have to take in at a time.
  • Add title and description for different breakdowns within a section (instructor contact, materials, textbooks, etc). This helps readers visually and mentally organize course information.
  • Add image for Grade Weights and/or Grade Scale for more aesthetic appeal.

Question Types

  • Use Checkboxes for digital signatures.
  • Use Short Answer for collecting names, phone numbers, emails, etc.
  • Use Multiple Choice or Dropdown for preferred titles.
  • Use Paragraph for questions that require a lengthier responses.


Extra Tips 
1. When collecting names, ask for "last name, first name" in the hint text to make it easier to organize students by last name.
2. When collecting phone numbers, ask for "include area code" in the hint text.
3. Require a response for one parent's contact information, but leave the option to add information for the second parent by toggling the Required button on/off.
4. Only allow students to submit 1 response to avoid multiple entries.
5. Require a Bishop O'Dowd login to verify a student's response.
6. This link can be shared on Schoology as a graded assignment for students to access.

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