Drive: Backup to Google Drive (Mac)

The Tech Department sees countless computer and hard drive crashes every year, so it is crucial that you back up the contents of your computer. We know it can be tedious to continuously transfer files to an external hard drive, so here are some instructions on how you can automatically back up to Google Drive.

While all folders on Google Drive are saved to the cloud, files within your Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc. are not automatically saved to the cloud. Note: Do not back up your DESKTOP or APPLICATIONS MacDropAny, as this will erase your Desktop.

To back up folders to Google Drive:

  1. Set up a backup folder in Google Drive (ex: shwang_backup16).
  2. Download MacDropAny for Mac.
  3. Choose a folder to sync with Google Drive.
  4. Choose a cloud storage service (Google Drive) to sync with.
  5. Click Sync. Repeat for all important non-Google Drive locations (Applications, Music, Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc.)
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