PTG: Apply Semester & Term Weights

We currently have a semester reporting term (S1=semester 1 and S2=semester 2) divided into sub-terms, T1/T2 and E1/E2. E=final exam category, T=all other categories.

  1. Launch the PowerTeacher gradebook from your desktop and click on Grade Setup.
  2. We will first work with the overall semester reporting ter, so select S1 or S2 as the reporting term.
  3. Select the Term Weights/Standards Weights bubble.
  4. Fill in the weight for T1/T2 and E1/E2. If you are using a straight scale, you are done. If you are using weighted grades, follow the steps below.
  5. Click on T1/T2. Add all categories except your Final Exam. The weight must be adjusted such that they add up to 100.

This is the language you can use in your course information sheet to explain this grading system: 

"Your grades will be weighted as follows:
Homework 15%, Project 5%, Quiz 30%, Test 50%
Your final exam accounts for 15% of your grade." 



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