Portfolio: Edit Items in a Portfolio

After you've added items to your portfolio, click on the content card to open it and add details or make changes.

  1. Click on any level to return to a higher level.
  2. Click to change the cover image for the portfolio item. This is the image that displays for the item on the main Portfolios page.
  3. Click to title the item. Your title displays below the cover image for the item on the main page.
  4. Click to add an item description. The description displays when you hover over the cover image for the item on the main page.
  5. The item's full page view display is how the item looks in your portfolio after you publish it.
  6. Portfolio items also have a time stamp showing when your portfolio was last saved and an Undo button to undo your most recent action.
  7. Replace button is also in the toolbar to change files you've added to our portfolio.
  8. Use the arrows on each margin to browse through the other items in your portfolio.


Content Credit to Schoology

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