Portfolio: Parts of a Portfolio

1. Click to change the cover image for the portfolio. This is the image that displays on the main Portfolios page.

2. Click to title the portfolio. Your title displays below the cover image for the portfolio on the main page.

3. Click "What does this portfolio mean to you?" to add a description for the portfolio. This text displays when you hover over the cover image for the portfolio on the main page.

4. Click "Portfolio Items" to open the menu from which you can select the following. See the section Adding Items to a Portfolio for more information.

  • Assignment Submissions
  • Files from your computer
  • Web links
  • Web pages

5. Added items display in the panel below the add button. Click and drag items to rearrange them in your portfolio.

6. The time stamp in the upper right shows when the portfolio was most recently saved. To the right of the time stamp is the Undo button. Click it to undo your most recent action. For ex: if you accidentally delete an item from your portfolio, click Undo to add it back. Note: The Undo button is a single-level function and cannot undo actions previous to the most recent one you completed.

7. The number below the Undo button shows how many items are in the portfolio. The item number displays in the lower left corner of the portfolio on the main page. This portfolio, for example, contains 12 items.

8. Click the circle in the lower right to publish the portfolio and make it viewable for other Schoology users. See the section Sharing Your Portfolio below for more information.


Content Credit to Schoology.

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